Random Number Generator

If you have ever played a casino game, you have most probably heard about RNGs (Random Numbers Generators) as they are the software behind most casino products.


What Is an RNG?

Random Number Generator is a computer software or external device which randomly delivers results. It is mainly used in gambling industry due to its fairness.

There are two types of RNGs:

  1. Hardware Random Number Generator (HRNG) – hardware device, often used for palpable gambling machines;
  2. Pseudo Random Number Generator (PRNG) – software program, mainly used for online casinos.

Either if you enjoy playing land-based casinos or online casinos, RNGs are used for games without a dealer.


How Do Pseudo Random Number Generators Work?

They are based on simple mathematical operations

They usually begin from the mathematical constant of Pi and they produce new results every second using additions, multiplications, divisions, subtractions etc.

To produce further results and seed numbers, the latest generated numbers are the new operands for the mathematical operations, resulting in a random outcome.

Each symbol or card is assigned a number (for example, in poker, if a single deck is used, you will have numbers from 1 to 52 for each card), so the winning combination is unknown.


Is This System Safe and Really Random?

Players can be assured that RNG system is safe and random because most casinos are analysed and verified by gambling authorities specialized on this. The evaluation process includes RNG evaluation and mathematical checks.

The following features can place a casino product in the random category:

  • Not influenced by the amount of money played;
  • Not influenced by the payoff sum;
  • Not influenced by VIP status.


A Hacker’s Tale

Even though you have no reasons to question the randomness of a slot or table game, the software seems to be fragile to some sparkling minds.

A hacker from St. Petersburg, pseudo-named Alex, was able to reverse the software behind PRNGs, rewarding his team with hundreds of thousand of dollars.

He didn’t know which the winning combination of numbers or symbols at a certain point was, but he approximately knew the moment when a slot machine was most likely to pay-out. He had a team of agents who were sent to different locations on the globe; then, they recorded a video showing the machine in action, which was later analysed by Alex and some other members of the team. Agents in casinos were later shown a message second before the chance of pay-out was the highest.

Alex’s business was shut down after eight years of presence in the industry.


Do I Have Real Winning Chances?

Chances for a player to hit a jackpot are 27 000:1, so very little. However, if the hit frequency is bigger, the jackpot will be faster hit.

Gambling’s main purpose is spending some fun and entertaining moments, so start your journey today!