What Are The Advantages When Using Casino Deposit Bonuses

Playing for free is all fun and games, but at some point, if you want to truly enjoy your gambling experience you need to switch to playing for real money. And the best way to do so is by taking full advantage of the best casino deposit bonuses. But how do you claim the best casino deposit bonuses and where can you find them? Continue reading the article below to find out everything you need to know about bonuses and winning!


How does a casino bonus actually work?

If you’ve just decided to start gambling online you’ve probably noticed that every casino will have certain offers for you, some better than others, but all in all, promotions that should help enhance your experience.

The casino offers differ, but in principle, they work the same way. When you sign up with an online casino you will see their list of promotions. Once you decide on one you can claim it, if you are eligible. Some bonuses have bonus codes and you need to input that code somewhere on the website to activate it or it will automatically be added. As years go by, it’s increasingly easier to claim them, but if you don’t understand how to do it, customer support is there to help you with this.

From there on things will differ based on the terms and conditions of every bonus. There are different wagering requirements for them, so you need to gamble responsibly and check them before claiming the bonus. If you are not careful, and a bonus has a 30x wagering requirement and you only rollover 25 times then you cannot withdraw the money you’ve won.

If you meet the requirements, then you can withdraw your money and do whatever you want.

What are the main types of casino deposit bonuses?

- Welcome bonus

- First deposit bonus

- Reload bonus

- Free spins

When you decide you want to play online casino games and take advantages of bonuses, there are quite a few deposit bonuses to choose from. The first one you will encounter is the welcome bonus, a bonus that is offered when you first make an account at an online casino. For a minimum deposit or more, you will get a welcome package that contains a 100% match up bonus, a percentage bonus or even some free spins.

While welcome bonuses can sometimes be offered without a deposit, a first deposit bonus requires one and for depositing €100, for example, you could get a bonus up to 100 or even a bonus up to 200, depending on what the casino is offering at the time.

After that 1st deposit, you can also be eligible for a reload bonus which you can get every time you make a new deposit at an online casino.

Free spins can join powers with reload bonuses and you get a bunch of free spins to play slot games with.

Currently, Jetbull offers all of these deposit bonuses and more so that players can make the most of their gambling sessions.

How do you decide what online casino to play at?

A good way to decide is by checking which is the best first deposit bonus casino offer you can get. If that bonus seems to be the right one for you then you should give that casino a chance.

Of course, it is highly important to see if that online casino is legal and safe and if you can play there legally from your country. If these things aren’t met, then no matter how epic that bonus is, you shouldn’t try to take it.

A wide selection of games is also important, as well as the reviews other players have left, and the VIP promotions. 

If a casino checks all these requirements, then it’s a great one to play at.

What online casinos provide deposit bonuses?

Most of them or at least all the ones that you should consider playing at. If online casinos don’t offer a wide range of bonuses, then they don’t really care about the players and you should look for something else. The best first deposit casino will always make sure that you gamble responsibly and that you have various options. If a casino only has a welcome bonus, but nothing more then they are not taking things seriously and they only want you to start gambling, but don’t care whether or not you are having a good time.

Is it possible to win money using a first deposit bonus? 

Of course, it is. But for this to be possible you need to pick one that has reasonable wagering requirements. The best first deposit bonus casino will give you a good percentage on the bonus, but not ask of you something impossible like rolling the money through 1000 times. If the wagering requirements are fair and the amount you can use is good, then there’s no reason why you wouldn’t be able to win with a little luck. These matchup or percentage bonuses can go from €100 up to €300 for a sign-up bonus, so there is a lot more to play with than you would have had without a bonus.

What is an instant withdrawal casino?

The best kind of online casino! Let’s take Jetbull, for example. Since it’s an instant withdrawal casino, this means that if you’re a VIP, after you’ve made your deposit and won, and met the wagering requirements, you will instantly receive your money, without having to wait for a couple of days for approval and the transfer. Even after your initial deposit, when you’ve still quite new, if all things work out, you will get your money super-fast. 


Now that you know which are the best casino deposit bonuses, how to claim them and take advantage of them you should be able to start winning big. Claim one of Jetbull’s premium bonuses and have fun!

Remember to enjoy yourself and always gamble responsibly!