10 Best Female Poker Players of All Times

Check the article below to find interesting facts about the poker world and how did it change during years into a gender equal one.

Moreover, see who the ten women who changed the perspective by winning tremendous prizes are.


Is It a Men’s World?

Gambling in general used to be an exclusively men’s world. Casinos are still considered taboo places where you are expected to see a bunch of men playing slot machines or table games.

However, since the industry has gained more and more recognition in 2000’s, female players started to fight with men for the best player title.

Speaking about poker, the boom happened during the same time, when internet was taking over, and the card game gained popularity in both the online and the offline realities. Nowadays, we cannot speak about differences between men and women in poker, because best female players compete with best male players in major events.


Bulling and Benefits of Being a Woman in the Industry

Bulling is still widely spread in the industry due to the old perceptions that women cannot do what men do. This includes a lot of jobs, hobbies and other activities. Yet, female players have demonstrated that they can rival some of the best male players with success.

There are also a few benefits for women in industry, most of them coming from the fact that being in minority makes them more visible. For example, they can obtain PR contracts simply because it is easier to spot them in a sea full of men.


Top 10 Women in Poker

According to their all-time won prizes, these are the women who dominate the poker world. Read below to find their names, their winnings and other facts about them:

  1. Vanessa Selbst

  • 85 million USD;
  • American player;
  • 34 years old;
  • #1 on female poker players money list and #41 on all-time list.


  1. Kathy Liebert

  • 17 million USD;
  • American player;
  • 50 years old;
  • She has one WSOP bracelet won in 2004.


  1. Annie Duke

  • 27 million USD;
  • American players;
  • 52 years old;
  • She is also an author and a charity lover.


  1. Anette Obrestad

  • 93 million USD;
  • Norwegian player;
  • 29 years old;
  • She is the youngest person who won a WSOP bracelet, in 2007, when she was 19.


  1. Liv Boeree

  • 57 million USD;
  • British player;
  • 33 years old;
  • She is the only female player in history to be a WSOP and European Poker Tour champion.


  1. Vanessa Rousso

  • 56 million USD;
  • American player;
  • 35 years old;
  • She is also a DJ and a television personality.


  1. Joanne Liu

  • 1 million USD;
  • Taiwanese player;
  • 53 years old;
  • She is the highest placing female in a WSOP event, being the runner-up in 2007.


  1. Jennifer Harman

  • 74 million USD;
  • American player;
  • 53 years old;
  • She is one of the three women who have two WSOP bracelets.


  1. Loni Harwood

  • 5 million USD;
  • American player;
  • 29 years old;
  • Her mentor was her father, Joel Harwood.


  1. Victoria Coren Mitchell

  • 47 million USD;
  • British player;
  • 45 years old;
  • She is also a writer for The Observer and she hosted a BBC television quiz.