10 things about poker you may not know!
TakeBonus November 21, 2018 General

10 things about poker you may not know!

Poker is probably the world's most well-known card game where the luck/science proportion is 80/20 in favor of science

This game has come to be played all over the world, both in casinos and online, and has become a million-dollar industry from just it being a recreational activity. While you perhaps already know all this, there may be other interesting things about this game that you still do not know. Here are 10 things about poker you may find interesting:


  1. You cannot play Texas Hold'em in Texas. Poker lounges are illegal in this American state, with the exception of a casino built in an Indian reserve. That’s weird, right?


  1. At Angola Prison Rodeo, in Louisiana they are organizing a contest called "The Convict Poker". It is held during one weekend in April and on every Sunday in October. Four prisoners sit around a poker table in a ring where, at some point, a bull is released. The last man leaving the table wins.


  1. Actor Ben Affleck is a very good poker player. He even won the California State Poker tournament in 2004, winning a $356,000 prize, qualifying for the World Poker Tour. Affleck was banned from the blackjack table at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, apparently because he kept winning against the house.


  1. Men can play in women's World Series of Poker competitions. The women's participation fee is $1,000, while men have to pay 10,000. Do you think it’s fair or not?


  1. Today's poker is played with all 52 cards in the bundle. But in the beginning, poker could be played using only 20 cards and 4 players. The game was less evolved back then, each player being dealt five cards and the one who had the best hand was starting the betting. Using all 52 cards has been introduced to poker starting with 1834.


  1. In 1951, an underwater poker championship was held in Florida, where participants did not wear any diving gear.



  1. The Japanese Mafia (Yakuza) took its name after the worst poker hand:

Ya 8 + Ku 9 + Za 3


  1. Many of the former US presidents were poker fans, and the best of them were Richard Nixon, Dwight Eisenhower, Franklin D. Roosevelt and Harry Truman. Nixon actually started his career in politics with money won in military poker


  1. The biggest game of poker that ever took place was in Onchan, Isle of Man, on June 2013. There were 225,000 players to compete for a $250,000 prize pool. The tournament was hosted by PokerStars. Four years later, PokerStars opened a brand new office in Quay West, Douglas to accommodate the growing numbers of staff it is hiring in the Isle of Man.


  1. In the beginning, poker was being played for gold nuggets, gold coins, and even gold dust. But it was hard to standardize earnings that way, so there was a need for a unit of measure. That's how the poker chips were born. These were made of ivory, bone, wood, or clay, and had patterns that represented their value. The chips could be exchanged for real money in the houses that organized the games, just as it happens in today’s casinos.


Now that you know these things, are you convinced to play this game?