Best Casinos in the World
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Best Casinos in the World

Tastes cannot be disputed: this is a widely known fact, which applies in the gambling industry, too.

However, when writing a top, subjectivism should stay apart. We can stick to this rule by choosing some classification pillars. Check the list below to find the names of the best casinos in the world according to their surface, number of visitors, range of gambling products offered and users’ rating.


  1. Venetian Macao. Macau, China.

The casino opened in 2007. It is the largest single-building hotel in Asia and the largest casino in the World. With over 3400 slot machines, expect a lot of fun in this place! 

  1. Foxwoods Resort Casino. Connecticut, USA.

The first tower of the resort was opened in 1997. Undergoing a lot of changes, the complex is now one of the biggest in the US, entertaining its gamblers with a wide collection of gaming products.

  1. Ponte 16. Macau, China.

This casino opened in 2008, providing its players with a great variety of slot machines and gambling tables. Enjoy a night of poker in Ponte 16, while growing your cultural spirit with the exhibits in the resort. 

  1. Atlantic City, USA.

The biggest hotel in New Jersey opened in 2003 and has since been offering to the public tremendous winnings. Wager your money in one of the 4000 slot machines or place your bets at one of the 250 gambling tables in the resort.

  1. MGM Grand. Las Vegas, USA.

With almost 7000 hotel rooms, the grand resort opened in 1993 impresses not only through its size records, but also with its casino, which has an area of 16000 square meters.

  1. Casino Lisboa. Lisbon, Portugal.

Inaugurated in 2006, this casino located in Portugal’s capital city has around 1000 slot machines and a few hundred tables for passionate gamblers. Enjoy Lisbon’s treasures and spend some quality time in this fabulous place!

  1. City of Dreams. Macau, China.

You will surely live your dreams in this special place. Opened in 2009, this casino features an astonishing water spectacle, an amazing collection of gambling products and mouth-watering restaurants, including a Michelin-starred one. 

  1. Rio Casino Resort. Klerksdorp, South Africa.

The casino opened in 2002 is the biggest one in Africa and one of the largest in the Southern Hemisphere. Join the guest loyalty program to enjoy the full carnival-themed casino experience.

  1. Caesar’s Palace. Las Vegas, USA.

Surviving many hard times, the casino which opened in 1966 features bewildering roman-themed buildings, spas, pools and statues. Besides the gambling collection, Caesar’s Palace has been a live music venue since its opening.

  1. Sun City Casino Resort. Bojanala, South Africa.

Opened in 1979, the casino is not only one of the oldest one, but also a very popular resort. It is famous not only for its great collection of casino products, but also for amazing live performances (Queen, Liza Minnelli, Frank Sinatra).

  1. Clermont Club. London, UK.

Established in the 1960’s, this casino was located in a Georgian era building’s basement and it consisted of only six gambling tables. In order to gamble there, you needed to apply for a membership before your visit. The casino closed in March 2018.

  1. Resorts World Sentosa. Sentosa, Singapore.

It had the grand opening ceremony in 2012, unveiling its hotels, casinos, restaurants, marine life park and all the other facilities. You can find here a collection of over 2400 slot machines and 500 table games.

  1. Las Vegas, USA.

Opened in 1998, this is one of the most famous resorts due to its movie history. The known fountain appeared in several popular films, including “The Hangover”. Hosting a lot of poker events, the casino has many poker tables, including the most famous one, “The Office”.

  1. Casino de Monte-Carlo. Monte-Carlo, Monaco.

The historical gambling complex opened in 1863, at Princess’ Caroline idea. It has a wide range of casino products, including poker tables, blackjack, video poker and slot machines. It has a huge role in popular culture.

  1. Melbourne, Australia.

The biggest resort in the Southern Hemisphere was opened in 1994 and it now consists of four hotels. It hosts one of the most substantial collection of poker machines in the world, their number going up to 3500.

  1. Ibiza Gran Hotel. Ibiza, Spain.

Experience Ibiza’s lavish life and spice the experience up with a night at this shattering casino. Featuring gambling halls where you can relax playing a table game and a slot machine room with over 100 types of gambling products, this casino is the right place to enjoy a summer night.

  1. Atlantis Resort & Casino. Paradise Island, Bahamas.

Tournaments, events, table games, slot machines, sports book, gambling hot spots, everything is available in this gambling’s heaven. Taste Bahamas’ amazing views from one of the most comfortable rooms in the resort and spend quality hours in the casino.

  1. Baden-Baden, Germany.

Built in the 1820’s, this is one of Europe’s oldest casinos. Abounding in imperialistic German luxurious items, this casino is in the top of the most tasteful gambling resort in the world.

  1. Venetian Resort. Las Vegas, USA.

The second largest casino in the world, this resort opened in 1999, with a gorgeous triumphal ceremony. Experience Italy’s romantic rides with a genuine Venetian gondola and place your bet at the one of the greatest casinos.

  1. Macau, China.

This resort opened in 2006 and it offers a plethora of features. Book a room in the luxurious hotel, take a shopping session in your favourite brands’ dealers, enjoy a mouthwatering meal in a gourmet restaurant and spend a glorious night in the casino.

  1. Casino Barriere D’Enghien-Les-Bains. Paris, France.

Belle epoque insertions make this casino a delightful experience for a specialized eye. Enjoy over 500 slot machines, 100 table games and other casino products in France’s heart after a long walk near the Eiffel Tower.

  1. Aria Resort & Casino. Las Vegas, USA.

The resort which opened in 2009 offers a great range of facilities. Every space is huge, the casino having a dedicated area of 14000 square meters. Enjoy the natural light while wagering money in your favourite slot machine and taste one of the special cocktails from the bar.

  1. Marina Bay Sands. Singapore.

The world’s second most expensive casino opened in 2010 in Singapore. Catch your luck in the largest atrium casino and savour one of the 2500 slot machines and 500 table games. If you want to have a break, don’t miss their infinity swimming pool situated at the 57th floor.

  1. Galaxy Macau. Macau, China.

Officially opened in 2011, the total area of the resort goes up to 550000 square meters. Fancy not only the casino, but also the artificial beach, the galaxy laserama and the gold leaf cupolas.

  1. Estoril Casino. Estoril, Portugal.

The casino’s construction began in 1916 in the Portuguese Riviera. This location is famous for its cultural implications: the plot of the first James Bond book is based on this casino. Visit Portugal and stop to gamble at one of the 1300 slots and game tables while enjoying a glass of wine.


Choose your next trip’s destination not before you choose in which casino listed above you’d want to spend a night or more. Each of them has many treasures waiting for you to be discovered. Check them in each order you want and choose the one you like best!