Finnish Teenager Steals 250 000 USD from Maltese Online Casino

As a teenager, one of your biggest dreams has surely been having heaps of money to spend on everything you want. As you become wiser and start facing the adult-life responsibilities, you discover that in order to have a lot of money, you have to work for it and the sustained efforts will eventually pay off.

However, if you love technology, everything may become a lot easier, as a Finnish teenager shows us. Children nowadays love technology more than everything and they discover anything behind computers or other electronic devices. Scroll down to see what happened with this teenager’s winnings.


Quarter Million USD Stealer

Finding a bug in a computer software might be a complex issue, but a now-18-year-old young man from Forssa, Finland, managed to do that last year. He entered a Maltese online casino’s website, discovered some glitches in the website’s software and exploited them deliberately to illegally get into possession of money which didn’t belong to him.

The Häme District Court has been investigating the case and concluded that the then-teen boy took action knowing the consequences he could suffer from. Hence, he is now waiting for the sentence, which is, as requested by the prosecution, a 20-month one for aggravated fraud.

The Finnish teenager is not the only person accused in this case. The Court also charges his parents for taking advantage of the money their children illegally gained. The father was discovered to have 14 000 EUR in his accounts, the money coming from the son’s illicit activity, while the mother had a 5 000 EUR freshly-bought motorcycle, the funds coming from the same source.


Further Prevention

Casinos should take all the measurements needed to protect both themselves and their customers. This includes security software, supplementary checks once in a while and special access keys to keep children and teenagers under the legal age of gambling out of this activity, as they might make things they could later regret, like the Finnish boy mentioned in the article above.

Remember that gambling is a spare-time activity and it should imply fun and entertainment rather than the fear of losing money and the threat of being robbed.