Gambling in Sicily
TakeBonus October 29, 2018 General

Gambling in Sicily

Sicily is the largest island in the Mediterranean and is the place that meets all the requirements for a great holiday destination; whether you talk about the gorgeous beaches, the sea and nature, or about the about art, culture, tradition and history.

Sicily is also one of my favourite holiday destinations. What do I like most about Sicily? The lesser known details and absolutely everything that is specific to this place and you cannot find anywhere else in the world:


  • traditional food
  • warm and very loud people
  • oriental and African influences
  • amazing natural landscapes
  • lots of wild beaches


The capital of Sicily - Palermo enjoys a huge flow of tourists throughout the year, thanks to the rich artistic heritage and the very pleasant climate. In this city, the mafia stories have faded away in the past giving way to a safe and beautiful atmosphere.

On my last holiday there I visited a "circoletto", a closed-circuit gambling club, where people play roulette, but also enjoy lots of card games sitting at a table for hours on end.

Places of this kind are quite widespread throughout Sicily. For me, however, this is a bit weird, given that you can now so easy gamble online. But the Sicilians are not too excited about the online environment, so they prefer to be part of clubs where various gambling games are played in the evenings. Most of the players are over 50 years old, some even approaching 80. But the pleasure of gambling has nothing to do with age.

I met an old and funny guy there - Marcello, 63 years old. He told me so many things about that club; he’s been a member of one for more than 10 years now. He told me he has won for so many times in his first 5 years of membership that he even bought his scooter with the money he earned. He told me he was younger and more eager to win, but in time he became more patient and he learns how to enjoy the experience of gambling rather than the thrill of winning.

This is one of the things less known about people from Sicily. They love to gamble! At least most of them. And they find their own way.

But I guess this kind of small places for gambling will disappear in time. Personally, I find it easier to gamble online especially because you can always take online casino bonus codes to start with. It's easier, it's fun, lots of casinos to choose from... And the biggest advantage of all - you can start gambling already having some money in your pocket! You just need to claim all the bonus codes available. If you still prefer the traditional way, Sicily and especially Palermo awaits for you to come and join a club!