History of Gambling
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History of Gambling

We want you to be anything but an ordinary player. Before you start gambling, you might find interesting knowing some things about how this industry appeared and how did games develop so fast…or so slow.

Check the following article and try to memorize as many interesting facts as you can!


When Did We Start Gambling?

If you wonder how a day from our ancestors’ life was going, you might be surprised to find out that Ancient Civilizations were the first ones to explore the world of gambling.

Ancient China, Egypt, Rome or Greece considered gambling as we call it today a form of revealing a God’s desires or intentions. So, did curiosity of the mankind give us slots, card games and table games? In a way, yes. Humans always desire to know anything before it happens and this was the case of ancient civilizations, too.

We cannot know for sure the precise moment of gambling’s first occurrence, but we do have some evidence form our ancestors:

  • In Mesopotamia, the earliest pair of six-sided dices dates to 3000 B.C., where it may have been used for rudimentary gambling;
  • In China, the earliest evidence of gambling dates from 2300 B.C., where tiles may have been used to play a chance game;
  • In Rome, first gambling chips were invented to escape the punishment for playing chance games, which was the amount bet multiplied by four.


800 Years of Playing Cards

The Chinese seem to have a vast history in gambling, as they were not only the first civilization to show some evidences on this activity, but also the first ones to play card games, in the 9th century (approximately 800 A.D.).

Getting closer to our times, in the 15th century Italy and France showed a predisposition for playing card games. Italians seemed to have been familiarized with Baccarat from earlier times, but the first notices of this game appeared when it migrated from Italy to France.

In the 17th century in France, Blackjack’s predecessor, vingt-et-un (twenty-one), was a popular game which spread to the US like a plague, via the early settlers from Europe. Several earlier versions of the game are said to have been played in Spain (ventiuna – 21), Italy (trente-un – 31) or even France (quinze – 15).


Welcome to our house!

It is inappropriate to call the early forms of organized gambling locations Casinos, so we will simply call them Gambling Houses. The first one of this type appeared in the glorious year 1638 in Venice, Italy. Ridotto was a place where people gathered not only to gamble, but also to debate on different topics, so it was more of an entertainment dark-lit space.

Tip: If you visit Venice, stop at the Monaco & Grans Canal Hotel, which is situated in the same building where Ridotto was several centuries ago.

Which was the first: the American or the European Roulette?

Drumrolls, please! The first one to make its debut on gambling’s scene was…the French Wheel or what we commonly call today the American Roulette. The etymology of the word roulette resides in the same French word and can be translated into English as little wheel.

The European Roulette appeared in the mid-19th century with the differences being noticed in the numbers on the wheel: there was only one green zero.

Legend: The numbers on the wheel, from 0 to 36, sum 666, the Number of the Beast. “The Magician of Monte Carlo”, Francois Blanc, is said to have made a pact with the devil, like Faust did, to obtain the absolute knowledge of roulette’s secrets.

Types of bets you can place:

  1. Inside Bets:
  • Straight;
  • Split;
  • Street;
  • Corner;
  • Six Line;
  • Trio;
  • Basket;
  • Top Line.
  1. Outside Bets:
  • Low or High;
  • Red or Black;
  • Even or Odd;
  • Dozen;
  • Column;
  • Snake;

Flush it!

The first acknowledged version of the game was spotted in 1829, when Joseph Crowell, an English actor saw four people playing it in New Orleans with a deck of 20 cards.

The most popular card game soon spread to the rest of Europe and the US, developing several variants grouped in four main categories:

  1. Straight Poker;
  2. Stud Poker;
  3. Draw Poker;
  4. Community Card Poker.

In the 70’s, Poker was highly popularized due to the tournaments that took place in the US, ass well as the apparition of the World Series of Poker.

Notable Poker Players: Johnny Moss, Amarillo Slim, Bobby Baldwin, Chris Moneymaker, Greg Raymer etc.


Mobile Gambling

Gambling in the 21st century is facilitated by the Internet and the mobile networking services. You don’t need to spend time in a physical casino. What you have to do is relax, take a cup of tea or coffee, eat some cookies and open your mobile device. After that, place your bet and start having fun. Gambling was never this easy!

Keeping up with the Casinos: Some casinos have already started to introduce VR Slots and Table Games so brace yourself: the most authentic casino experiences are here!