Top 8 Gambling Destinations in the World

We all expect different things from a trip.

Some of us want to visit as many sights as possible, some of us want to go to some of the biggest music festivals on the globe, while others simply desire to lay on a sandy beach and get tanned.

However, relaxing means different things to each of us. There are people who want to travel in the biggest gambling resorts and cities around the globe. If you are one of those people, check the list below and find your following vacation destination:

  1.  Las Vegas, USA

The Sin City has been for a long period of time the top destination for gamblers all around the world. Sumptuous casinos, large plethora of night clubs and bars, fancy hotels, all are to be found in Las Vegas. What happens here, stays here, so there is no need to worry about anything.

Fact: Some of the most popular casinos are Caesar’s Palace, Casino Royale, Bellagio and Cosmopolitan. 


  1. Macau, China

With the greatest monetary flow in its casinos, Macau should be a top destination for an experienced gambler. Visit Macau if you want a full casino experience because it is an autonomous region of China, which has its own legal system.

Fact: Macau is called Las Vegas of Asia due to its exorbitant lifestyle.


  1. Atlantic City, USA

The city which breathes out gambling through every pore was built to sustain the gambling industry. There are not many tourists who are in city for anything but casino experiences. It houses eight top casinos, the most recently opened one being Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, in the same place where Trump Taj Mahal Casino Resort was.

Fact: The loudest musical instrument, an organ, can be found in Atlantic City.


  1. Monte Carlo, Monaco

Beaches, resorts, opulence, James Bond. What else can you think about when you hear this city’s name? Monte Carlo has some of the most lavished casinos in the World. Take the risk and gamble at a terrace table in mid-July while enjoying the gorgeous view of the Riviera.

Fact: Each year, more than 7 million tourists take photos in front of Monte Carlo’s casinos.


  1. London, United Kingdom

If you say London, you say grandeur. Enjoy in England’s capital city some of the most expensive casinos and feel like a real VIP while you play a table game. Exclusive places like Ritz ask for a 10 000 buy in for a place on a table. However, if you want to have a relaxing, less spiced up experience, you can also find heaps of normal priced casinos here.

Fact: In London, there are 24 casino establishments with different facilities.


  1. Marina Bay, Singapore

Discover one of the best casino experiences in the World in this fantastic location. With its futuristic design, Marina Bay Sands is the biggest casino in Singapore, being organized on four levels. You can drink a cocktail and enjoy the eye-catching view from the rooftop.

Fact: Marina Bay Sands has a collection of more than 1 500 slots and 600 table games.


  1. San Juan, Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico’s capital provides its tourists with an amazing gambling experience. Both locals and tourists enjoy hours of fun in spectacular casinos. Some of them are located in old buildings which have amazing panoramas over the city. Bear in mind that your entertainment will not be interrupted because some casinos function 24/7.

Fact: Puerto Rico is often called the capital of Caribbean casino gambling.


  1. San Jose, Costa Rica

The tropical paradise covers itself with a luxurious scent as soon as the night settles. San Jose is one of the gamblers’ favourite destinations because it is not very crowded and the prices here are not too high.

Fact: You can find over 30 casinos where you can spend a relaxing afternoon.


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