Tricks and Tips: The Best Strategies to Win at Online Slot Machines

Immutable Facts

Let us be clear from the start: there is no magical bulletproof strategy that can help you win constantly from Casino games. Neither offline nor online. The house will always have an edge on your action, and thus, the odds will be against you, right from the start. As such, the chances of winning a considerable amount are diminished, from the very beginning.

At the same time, most slot players share a common misconception that these are simplistic rudimentary games or, even worse, that they can be influenced in real-time.

Nothing more false! All slot machines are running under a random number generator, thus, with every single spin, this computer program selects completely aleatory symbols for each of the game’s reels. Since each sequence of symbols is impossible to influence, all the spins basically have the same winning chances.


There are however a few tips and tricks that, when followed correctly, can increase your chances of winning and diminish the house edge, so without any further introduction, let’s dive right into this topic, and start with the most popular strategy of them all.


Use Your Bonus

We know, this is not what you were expecting, but winning at online slot machines is not as easy as you may think, and the best and most popular strategy for quite some time now, consists in using the promotional bonuses offered by online Casinos, wisely.

Most online casinos offer a 100%, or higher, welcome bonus. It’s also true that the bonus has to be rolled ever 25 to 50 times before you can withdraw winnings, but it still represents free extra cash, added on to of yours, so practically there’s nothing to lose. Not only do the extra funds help you extend your gameplay, but they will also significantly increase your winning chances.


Fixed Maximum Stakes

Once you’ve got your hands on a good bonus, there are also a couple of terms and conditions that each Casino allocates for it, and that you will need to abide, in order to be able to withdraw funds in the end.

One of these rules is the max bet one, allowing you to bet only up to a certain amount when playing with a Bonus. The coin value and coin size you choose to play with are of utmost importance towards a big win at online slot machines.

The higher your bet value, the higher your payout, thus, if you have a maximum bet limit imposed by the Casino, the best way to secure as many chances for a big win as possible, is for you to bet the maximum allowed with each spin.


The Volatility Shuffle

Each game has its own payout ratio, more commonly known as RTP (return to player), set by its creator and unchangeable. This figure usually varies between 95 and 98%, at the same time determining the volatility level of each slot machine in part. On one hand, you will have low volatility slots, machines that will return a small payout on almost every spin, but which are less likely to deliver a surprisingly high one.

Then there are highly volatile slots, where you can play 20 or even 30 spins without a single noticeable payout, only to score a huge result later in the game with one single bet. For both, sticking to a fixed bet while letting the game run its course would be the most suitable strategy, with the extremely important mention that if a game has adjustable pay lines, decreasing their number will automatically raise the game’s volatility level.


To Conclude…

We really hope that this article will help you avoid those Casino strategies that are in fact just simple myths or, simply ineffective on the long run, and at the same time give you a better impression about the most logical and probable ways to maximize your chances of winning big. Don’t forget, nothing is written in stone when it comes to online slot machines, and luck will have to play a very large part; there is no magic formula to turn the odds in your favour, only ways you to decrease the house edge.