A Huge Integrated Resort Is Planned to Be Built in Athens

For all the gamblers in Greece, the next announcement will represent astonishing news. An enormous resort, incorporating a huge casino will start being built in early 2019. Located on the site where the Ellinikon International Airport was situated from 1938 to 2001, the plans of the resort show a tremendous plethora of facilities which will provide you with an experience you will not have tested before.

Check the article below to see the most important details about the Hellinikon Integrated Resort & Casino, gambling history in Greece and the latest news about the building plans.  


Hellinikon Project

Discover the variety of facilities the next-to-be-built resort will incorporate and make your plans for the following trip to Greece in the upcoming years. If you want to know more characteristics of the Hellinikon Project, scroll down and check the costs, the covered area or the economic growth it can bring to the country.

  • Name: Hellinikon Integrated Resort;
  • Location: Athens, Greece;
  • Costs: The estimative cost of the resorts’ building is estimated at 8 billion EUR;
  • Construction starting date: First trimester of 2019;
  • Surface: 600 000 square metres;
  • Casino Area: 15 000 square metres;
  • Jobs: It is estimated that the resort will create 70 000 direct and indirect jobs for a period of 5 years from its opening;
  • Facilities: Escaping the ordinary, this project covers heaps of facilities which could provide you not only with an enhanced casino experience but also with an astonishing trip in one of the most historically loaded cities in the world. Check them below!
  • Integrated Resort Casino;
  • Marina (the touristic harbour);
  • Metropolitan Park;
  • Marina Residential Tower;
  • Exhibition Area;
  • Sports Complex;
  • Urban and Innovation Business Centre;
  • Seafront Residential Area;
  • Beach;
  • Mall;
  • Aquarium;

Besides these facilities, the Hellinikon Project will feature concert venues, different theme-parks, and heaps of restaurants and bars. 


Casino Giants Bidding

Showing their interest in building the casino resort in Hellinikon, five giants from the gambling industry participated in preliminary consultations with possible investors, held by the Hellenic Gaming Commission. These are:

  • Mohegan Gaming & Entertainment;
  • Caesars Entertainment;
  • Las Vegas Sands;
  • Hard Rock International;
  • Melco Resorts & Entertainment;


Gambling in Greece

Gambling is legal in Greece, even though through the years, they had real issues with this aspect. Greece covers a list with 8 cities summing 8 casinos which work legally and are regulated by the Greek authorities:

  • Casino Rodos, in Rhodes;
  • Casino Syros, in Syros;
  • Porto Rio Hotel & Casino, in Achaia;
  • Regency Casino Mont Parnes, in Acharnes;
  • Club Hotel Casino Loutraki, in Loutraki;
  • Regency Casino Thessaloniki, in Thessaloniki;
  • Regent Seven Sear Mariner Casino, in Kavala;
  • Hellinikon Resort & Casino, Athens;

All these casinos have both large collection of gambling tables and a fair plethora of slot machines, so either if you are a newbie or an experienced gambler, you can taste the enhanced casino experience in Greece.

As for the legal concerns, according to the laws of 2011, the Hellenic Gaming Commission (HGC) controls and regulates all the casinos in Greece, both online and land-based. Those laws are still in use and make gambling legal. However, there were times when all types of electronic gaming were banned, including home consoles, like PlayStation and Xbox.