Cyprus Enters the Gambling Industry

Gambling has been a real deal in Cyprus for many years.

Yet, everything happened under a dark shadow, everything was skipping the law. Desiring to fight with these illegal businesses, but still wanting to maintain a firm position, the authorities found a gap: only one casino is set to open in Cyprus the following years.


C2 Grand Opening

Also known as Cyprus Casino, C2 is a pop-up casino, a demo version of the first legal casino in Cyprus, City of Dreams. C2 had its grand opening in Zakaki, Limassol on June 28.

Operational until 2021, the casino has already welcomed since its opening more than 7000 people. We are talking about unique guests, of course. Another statistic states that everyday an approximate number of 2000 people entered the location.

Being impressed of the facilities C2 has to offer, many gamblers have signed up for a VIP membership, 4000 players becoming part of the casino’s rewards club.

Most of Cyprus Casino’s visitors had the following nationalities:

  • Cypriot;
  • Greek;
  • Ukrainian;
  • Russian;
  • British;
  • Italian;
  • Lebanese;

In order to get inside this pop-up casino, you need to be over 21, according to the laws in Cyprus.

For a demo version, C2 has the facilities of a big casino. It lays on a surface of 4600 square meters and it has a capacity of over 1000 people. With more than 240 slot machines and 33 tables, Cyprus Casino is waiting for you to enjoy the gambling’s pleasures. To make the time spent here even more entertaining, the owners prepared for you 2 bars and a VIP area.


Will It Be Worth Visiting City of Dreams?

The answer is definitely yes. City of Dreams will not only be the only legal casino in Cyprus, but it will also have great facilities you cannot skip.

Operated by Melco, the world’s leading casino possessor, this casino will benefit from a great infrastructure: thousands square meters of accommodation rooms, meeting facilities, exhibitions and, nevertheless, a breath-taking casino.

Visit the resort and choose what you prefer from over 1000 slot machines and 100 gambling tables. Enjoy a drink in one of its 11 restaurants and cafeterias and spend the night in one of the 500 lavish rooms offered in partnership with Hard Rock International.

The operators will be offered not only a 30-year right to operate, but also a 15-year exclusivity, so no opponent casino can be opened in this time period. Moreover, City of Dreams will be guaranteed the privilege of building four satellite casinos in Cyprus, in the following cities:

  • Nicosia;
  • Larnaca;
  • Famagusta;
  • Paphos;

This casino’s purpose is boosting the economy, which has been suffering since the 2012-2013 financial crisis. The aspired number of visitors per year is set at 300000 gamblers.


Join the Club

Prepare for the grand opening in 2021, buy your plane ticket for Larnaca or Paphos and brace yourself for a whole casino experience at City od Dreams.

If you are still not sure about this casino, you have three more years to visit the pop-up casino opened in Zakaki, C2, for a miniature version of City of Dreams. Check it out and convince yourself!