Michael Soyza Wins EPT Barcelona High Roller

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Full High Roller Event Winners List

The final table only had one female player, Liv Boeree, on it. Even though she did not win, she tweeted that “I did claim the 6th place, which is better in the universe where 6<1”, being thankful for the support she received. Here is the list of winners and the prizes they won:

  • Michael Soyza: 302 500 EUR;
  • Kai Lehto: 204 500 EUR;
  • Orpen Kisacikoglu: 133 000 EUR;
  • Bahram Chobineh: 110 100 EUR;
  • Dario Sammartino: 88 800 EUR;
  • Liv Boeree: 70 000 EUR;
  • Goran Mandic: 53 500 EUR;
  • Luc Greenwood: 40 300 EUR;


Who Is Michael Soyza

Michael Soyza is a Malaysian poker player with lifetime earnings of over 2 million USD. He places the 665th on the all-time money winners’ list in the poker world and the 5th in Malaysia all-time winnings’ list.

He has been participating in poker tournaments at a professional level from 2011 when he won the 10th place at the Macau Poker Cup in February at a No Limit Hold’em table. He won his first tournament in 2012 in Macau, at the APT Asian Series Macau.

This year was a very good one for Soyza, considering the prizes he won in different events. He stated that he will continue playing poker at this level and he has no intention or desire of playing with the top poker players of the world, like Daniel Negreanu, as “they are completely nuts”. This aspect shows his maturity and the desire to reach a certain level by practising rather than jumping at a way higher level and losing all of his stakes.

Michael Soyza has five career titles, 27 all-time cash-outs and his 2018 and his Player of the Year ranking in 2018 is 28, having gained 2020 points.