Ponca Tribe Opens a Casino
TakeBonus September 05, 2018 Industry News

Ponca Tribe Opens a Casino

Despite all the legal issues that surrounded both the tribe during the years and the casino’s opening, the Ponca Tribe of Nebraska manages to set an opening date and a name for the project on which 4 000 people have been working. In October 2018, the Prairie Flower Casino will be opened in Carter Lake, Iowa.

In an official statement, Larry Wright Jr. said that the casino is set to develop, and this is just the initial phase. Check the article below to see some of the most important details about this location and the tribe behind it.


Ponca Tribe

The Midwestern Native American tribe of Ponca has two branches: the Ponca Tribe of Indians of Oklahoma and the Ponca Tribe of Nebraska. Apparently, as historical resources state, the Siouan-speaking tribe moved from the Northern Nebraska to the Eastern side of the Mississippi River just before Columbus landed in the Americas.

After the World War II, when the Indian Termination process started in the United States and Native Americans started being assimilated into the American society, the Northern Poncas lost their identity partially or totally. Parts of their land were split, parts were sold.

In the 70’s, the tribe started the process of rebuilding their social, cultural and political identity. Numbering over 4 000 members, since its recognition in 1990, the Ponca Tribe of Nebraska is the only federally recognized tribe in the area.


Legal Issues

Currently, the area where the Ponca Tribe of Nebraska is situated, Omaha, Nebraska, only allows slot machines and keno as legal forms of gambling. That is why most people travel to other states, like Iowa if they want to gamble.

During the 20th century, gambling was called illegal, and this is one of the main reasons for the highest number of illegal gambling rate per capita in the United States during that period.

However, not even the laws of Iowa permit much gambling. Land-based casinos are illegal unless they are located on Native Americans territories. Besides that, you can only gamble in excursion-boat casinos.

Carter Lake is situated at the borders of two states, from which one forbids all types of table games, Nebraska and Iowa.


The Casino

  • Name: Prairie Flower Casino;
  • Location: Carter Lake, Iowa;
  • Size: Initially, the project shows an 882 square metres (9 500 square feet) surface of the casino;
  • Casino Games: There will be no gambling tables available for the moment until further development gamblers being provided only with 200 slot machines;
  • Food Court: The small, coquette casino will feature a snack bar and a service bar to enhance your whole casino experience;
  • Restrictions: It is illegal to enter the casino if you are under the age of 21;
  • Employees: A call for employees has just been made, the Prairie Flower Casino offering approximately 100 jobs at the moment;