Visitors’ number rises by 20% in Macau

In the recent history, China has been benefiting from a wide recognition in the gamblers’ world due to its autonomous province, Macau.

Some of the greatest casinos of all times can be found in this territory.


Percentages and Numbers

The number of visitors who entered the city during the first half of the year and during last year was recorded in airport reports. According to the Macau International Airport (MIA), they faced a 20% rise in the passengers’ number.

Most tourists come from the Mainland China, Southeast Asia and Taiwan.

Even though Macau is becoming a top destination for gamblers around the world, the biggest players for the 20% increase in the number of tourists are Chinese from Mainland China.

During the first half of the current year, over 4 million travelers entered the airport in Macau. However, the Chinese destination is a few steps behind the Sin City. In Las Vegas, only in May 2018 the number of visitors was almost equal to the number above, over 3.6 million people visiting it.


Mass Market vs. VIPs

With a population of only 450 000, Macau relies on Chinese people to come and gamble in the area’s best casinos. For international gamblers, the process of entering the country is a lot more difficult, due to visa restrictions, access to travel and forex limitations.

Hence, being visited by less international players, constrained the casinos in Macau to concentrate on both broad segments: the mass market and the VIPs. This city’s market is one of the few who puts the accent on the VIPs, who wager more money in casinos than regular gamblers.


Casinos in Macau

If you decide to visit this amazing territory, don’t miss these extravagant casinos:

  • The Venetian Macao
  • The largest casino in the world;
  • The largest hotel in Asia;
  • City of Dreams
  • It has an aquarium, a bubble fountain and a dancing water theatre;
  • It has more than 1500 slot machines and 450 gambling tables;
  • Ponte 16
  • It has exhibitions with interesting items, including many Michael Jackson memorabilia;
  • It has an area of 25 000 square meters;
  • Sands Macao
  • It has a futurist architecture;
  • It has an area of over 20 000 square meters;
  • MGM Grand Macao
  • It is part of the MGM Resorts International;
  • It has more than 600 rooms and it is in continuous expansion;
  • The Wynn Macau
  • It has over 900 slot machines and 300 gambling tables;
  • Within its facilities, there are hotel rooms, spas, shops and restaurants;
  • The Grand Lisboa
  • With a futuristic design, the 261-metre-tall building is one of the main attractions;
  • It has an impressive collection of gambling products;
  • Galaxy Macau
  • It has a huge surface of 550 000 square meters;
  • It has amazing attractions, including an artificial beach.