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Read this review about a great producer from the Philippines. In here you will find out who is this producer and what is its object of activity. You will also find more information about their experience in Asian markets and their new focus on mobile gaming. Other interesting things you will also learn from this article are their technical expertise, the accent put by them on social gaming and their types of slot games.  The final section of this review will explain why many online casinos would have lots of benefits from collaborating with this provider.  

Who is this producer?

777igt is a company that develops slots, table games and live dealer games. The location of this software company is not a country which typically produces games, namely the Philippines. This software producer is specialized in integrated iGaming solutions. Its headquarters are located in an office in Manila. The 777igt free slots have been known and played on a global level, and this was realized much faster in the last few years thanks to the fast Internet. The 777igt free slots were usually supplied to online casinos. However, many 777igt slots can also be played on the more traditional brick-and-mortar casinos. The strategy of this company is to develop games in the last eight years, and accumulate a vast experience in this period of time. This experience has also helped them to create a more expanded offer of their products. They have also kept in sight the iGaming sector, due to its booming growth. In 2016, the 777igt software provider has an offer composed of live dealer and games and cross-platform solutions for their clients. Their clients will also be supplied with all the help and tools necessary to run a successful casino. In the last five years, the company has developed many partnerships with various clients around the world. The majority of their clients are based in southeast Asia, including countries like Thailand, Cambodia and also the Philippines. Other countries in which this provider has managed to close deals and develop partnerships are USA, Australia, and Peru.  

Object of activity

The more than 100 free slot games that 777igt has developed until now include 50 variants. These 777igt slots are designed to fit exactly the needs of those regional markets on which they will be delivered. In the beginning, the company was only focused on 777igt free slots. After awhile, they have also started to integrate third party content. This has allowed many casino operators to offer these 777igt slots alongside those created by other developers. Another element that was taken into account and given lots of consideration by this developer is storytelling. They have allocated lots of time to develop the themes and use immersive elements for each game. Their work was successful and they have managed to provide players with a more fun, entertaining and richer experience. All 777igt slots and their other products have managed to make a strong stand in the Asian market. Their biggest and most active fans are the Chinese players.  

Asia and gambling games

The Asian gamblers are always fascinated by lucky numbers, and the number that holds the biggest significance for them is the 7. The name of this company shows that they were aware that the Asian market was their best choice for a primary one. The recent years have shown that 777igt has released many games in HD format. They have a 1920 resolution and some nice and vibrant colors. This strategy was also applied to some of the most popular games from Asia, such as Baccarat, Dragon Tiger, Roulette and Sic Bo. There is a big demand on that market for live dealer games, and this was the place for this company to make its appearance. After setting foot on the Chinese market, the one from Hong Kong followed. This was the place where the lottery-based games from 777igt have been very well received and gained lots of popularity. Among the lotteries that collaborated with them are the Chongqing ShiShi, Chongqing Happy Ten, Beijing Rush Racing and Guangdong Happy Ten. All of these national lotteries went to an independent verification process. This was done to ensure two important things: fair play and honest payouts.  

Switching to mobile

The last couple of years has been that moment when 777igt has noticed that the demands of players have switched to the mobile market. As such, they have begun to create dedicated mobile games. Few people would have predicted when this company was founded that mobile gaming would become a dominant factor in the market. The developer has started at an accelerated pace to adapt in order to satisfy the needs of mobile gaming. They are using the HTML5 technology to encode their mobile games. This will allow many players to play them in a browser. They are using a responsive design that makes the titles optimize the screen size in both landscape and portfolio. They can be played without any problem on tablet or smartphone.  

Technical requirements

The team of developers from 777igt have a good expertise in programming languages such as C++, C#, Java, Flash, and HTML5. They are using all of these, and their titles support all major operating systems, namely iOS, Windows, Mac, and Android. This company provides iGaming solutions that will make any client happy, no matter how demanding he may be. They have become a great service provider, delivering all those front and backend tools required in operating an efficient online casino. They can also design live dealer games, that will be emblazoned with a logo or decals of the site that require them. Their developers can also provide white label solutions. This will enable their clients to create branded websites that will have an aspect and functionality as they were intended to. After they had entered a partnership with 777igt, their clients will receive dedicated support. There will be operatives that will solve all of their urgent issues when and if they arise.  

Social Gaming

Following the trend of many other developers, this software provider has also entered the domain of social gaming, which is an iGaming niche. This small section has reached an exponential growth in recent years. However, this company is having hard times in maintaining its own social channels. Their Facebook and Twitter pages have not been updated since 2015.  

Specific of their slots

Spinners will have a hard time placing 777igt free slots in terms of their provenience. This means that 777igt slots may come from any major gaming market of the world. Some adequate examples are the ones that have pirate and zombie themes. They have fine graphics that are mixed well with good animations and nice sound effects. These 777igt free slots have 5 reels, are inventive, provide lots of fun and have great features. Those with a zombie theme will also contain some creepy symbols. The 777igts slots have a curious and odd characteristic: they either don't have names attached or printed on them. One of 777igt slots is called Teenage Girl, according to the company's Twitter page. The main protagonist of this 777igt slot is a girl drawn in a cartoon-style that sets out to become a pop starlet. Other themes used by them are Chinese temples and candy. The 777igt slots can be seen first at various trade shows. One of them is Macao's Global Gaming Exhibition.  

Last remarks

  • Many casino operators, especially those that have their base of operations in Asia, will have multiple benefits from a partnership with this company.
  • The first one is an increased quality of 777igt slots. Those 777igt slots have a great aspect, their live casino titles are benefitting from an impeccable design, and so are the table games.
  • The second reason is that the API of this developer integrates perfectly with third party platforms. This gives many casinos the choice to pair 777igt slots with those of other companies.
  • The third one is that this company has an excellent customer support. This fact is a reassuring one for many clients. They know that they can obtain help if and when they need it.
  • The fourth reason is that the white label solutions provided by this company offer many casinos the ability to launch fully branded websites. These will look good and also operate smoothly, containing detailed analytics and also back-end tools.
  • The fifth and last reason is that 777igt offers full mobile optimization and has fluency in using HTML5. All of this is enhanced by a skilled iGaming development team.

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