Affiliate Grand Slam Event – Heading to Bucharest

This summer is going to be great! Sunny days, remarkable events, interesting conferences and of course, a lot of fun. Are you ready? Pack up and meet us at Affiliate Grand Slam event, this year in Bucharest, Romania.

  • The date: Between 31 of August and 1st of September
  • Location: Marriott, Bucharest, Romania

We are excited to visit Bucharest, Romania

We know that Romania is a great country and Bucharest is one of the most special cities in the world! The history of Dracula, the great food and a lot of interesting places you can visit in Romania. This country makes you feel comfortable and people from Romania are very friendly. Also, an important thing is that the weather is great at this time of the year!

Bucharest is a particularly beautiful city that tells you a lot of secrets and it’s fulfilled with great history and interesting buildings with impressive architecture.

If you want to have fun, you will find most of the clubs, cafes and cool places on the Lipscani District. From Bucharest, you can go and visit a lot of great places in Romania: the medieval Transylvanian towns, the mountains that give us great views and a lot of other historical places you must see.

We are excited to be in Bucharest between 31 of August and 1st of September. We know that we will have fun and make great memories. The question is: will you be there?

About Affiliate Grand Slam Event

Affiliate Grand Slam is the first conference in the history of affiliation. A lot of great people decided to meet for better brainstorming, beneficial networking and to share useful and valuable ideas.

All the participants can apply for all-inclusive VIP treatment. What does include this?

The flight tickets and a great staying at a 5-star hotel: Marriott, Bucharest. An elegant hotel situated at a short distance away from Lipscani District and recently renovated. This 5-star hotel, with refined luxury, will impress you! You can relax and have a great time here.

The VIP treatment also includes lunches, delicious dinners, and enjoyable parties.

All the affiliates and sponsoring operators will relax and have the best time in Bucharest, Romania.

We are excited to be there!

The last Affiliate Grand Slam event happened in Tallinn, in the Baltics. We had a great time, we enjoyed two nights of maximum entertainment and productive networking. The great part with this popular conference is that you have the opportunity to meet the best people in the field. Take great advice, learn from others and try to be yourself the best and keep up with the high standards. We definitely learned a lot from the conference Affiliate Grand Slam that took place in Tallinn.

What will you see and enjoy at Affiliate Grand Slam in Bucharest, Romania?

  •  Famous personalities from the market;
  •  Enjoy the networking;
  •  Join presentations and workshops;
  •  Q&A sessions that will give you the opportunity to ask and get great answers from professionals;
  •  And you will have lots of fun!

The event will be bigger than before, that’s for sure!

East Europe provides the perfect scenery to discuss trends that are about to come to light in this market. Every year, Affiliate Grand Slam is trying and succeeding to find the best ways for the participations to extract what is good for them from the event.

Also, the organizers’ desire is to make a professional relationship between the affiliates. Six operators will host the event this year with other six sponsors.

Six dinners will be hosted by six operators, among which we remember: 10Bet, Casumo, Go Wild Affiliates, Karamba and Slots Million. Among the operators, we find: Gaming Malta, Matching Visions and Mint Global.

A lot of things to learn and a great way to be connected with big ideas and smart minds!

The Agenda from 1st September, Friday

Here is the agenda for just one day, so you can make a short idea about how things are going to happen in Bucharest.

  • 8:00‑9:00: Breakfast
  • 9:30‑9:35: Welcome Note
  • 9:35‑9:40: Optimizing your affiliate business setup: Malta case

“Malta is one of the most advanced and respected online gaming jurisdictions in the world, as well as having the most licensed operators. Malta boasts of a gaming workforce of 12,000 and a competitive fiscal regime (5% company tax). With a stable political climate, high-quality education system and all year round sunshine, Gaming Malta will present its case for business relocation” - Ivan Filletti, Head of Operations and Business Development, Gaming Malta

  • 9:40‑10:20: Meet the six operators with a new angle
    Series of 5-minute presentations by the six hosts: 10Bet, Casumo, GoWild, Karamba, and SlotsMillion
  • 10:20‑11:30: Networking Coffee Break
  • 11:30‑12:15: Speed Dating

    “By popular demand, we're introducing a speed dating session - stack up on hundreds of business cards and practice your thirty-second pitch! You'll walk away craving for more!”

  • 12:15‑14:00: Lunch/Meet Market
  • 14:00‑16:00: Two workshops
  • 16:00‑22:00: City Tour and Dinner
  • 22:00‑2:00: Closing Party at Grand Casino

The best party at a Spa Center

We are looking forward to this: The Affiliate Grand Slam’s closing party is planned to be the best party! It will take place at the largest recreational Wellness Spa Center in Europe: Therme.

A few words about Therme

Bucharest has one of the biggest relaxation centers in Europe. This indoor entertainment has three different areas: Galaxy, the Palm, and Elysium. Each one of them is unique and will make you feel relaxed.

Galaxy is the funniest area featuring a wave machine, water slides and a lot more.
The Palm has a very big pool and a lot of small therapeutic pools. We can’t wait to get there, relax and throw our stress away.
Elysium promises us 6 thematic saunas. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

Over 30.000 sq m of soft sand, 720 sq m tropical pool and 1500 beach loungers are there to make sure you will never forget this place. Therme was opened in 2016 and the wellness center is a 50 million euro investment. This place estimates up to 1 million visitors per year.

We are sure that we will want to come back here every single year. Just the thought that we are getting there soon is making us excited and impatient.

After the event, we can’t wait to share impressions with you about the conference, about the city, and about the party. See you there?

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