Affiliate Grand Slam in Tallinn
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Affiliate Grand Slam in Tallinn

Ok, you can laugh a little bit about the title we gave to this pseudo-article. Done? Ok. Now, we can seriously talk about it. We’ll really meet (some of) the gods of iGaming innovation in Tallinn, this April. We (still us, the six-crazy passionate-players) were summoned to join the festive Affiliate Grand Slam in April, and we were more than happy to say yes.

Wondering what’s in it for us you? Keep reading, you’ll find everything you need to know; and after that, you can be at least as thrilled as we are.

The Affiliate Grand Slam is a concept created by the awesome SiGMA organizers. We talked about them here, remember? The Affiliate Grand Slam aims to be a slightly different approach, as it reunites five of the best iGaming operators and almost 200 attendees, affiliates or representatives of the players’ community, in the city of Tallinn, Estonia. We’ll be together with an awesome crew for like two nights of networking and quality entertainment, and we can promise that we’ll do our best to find out the greatest news in the industry and we will bring them back to you in an instant.

The first – and most important thing – that caught our attention when we find out about this event, was the selection criteria of the five iGaming operators: they’ll all be there because they have something innovative to offer – and innovation is our weakness.

So, the five said operators who’ll be the primary hosts of the event are: Betting Gods, OlyBet, Play OJO, Quasar Limited and Video Slots. If you’re an experienced and passionate player, you can guess why we call them the gods of the iGaming industry. Each one of them will bring a piece of innovation to Tallinn, and we’re looking forward to devouring it.

PlayOJO is the new brand of EGO, which will be launched at the Affiliate Grand Slam in April, and we can’t to wait to find out what they’re up to. Also, Betting Gods will bring to Estonia a brandly new book affiliate deal, based on subscriptions, while OlyBet will be offering, for the Nordic players, an omnichannel alternative where they’ll be able to play online as well as they do in their land-based Olympic Casinos. EGO is not the only iGaming innovator which launches a new brand, as Quasar is also planning to do so, with OVO. And last but not least, Video Slots will share some amazing info about their products and services, and we shall listen well, as they’re one of the fastest growing casinos ever.

And that’s not all. We did some serious digging, and we found out that in Tallinn reside a lot of tech start-ups which are eager to share their products and innovative systems with those who are interested in it, so we might just come back home with a small treasure. But don’t worry, we won’t keep it for ourselves; we’ll share all of it with you.

If you have any specific questions regarding the event, or if you’re interested in joining it, please check the Affiliate Grand Slam website; also, if you want us to discuss a specific topic or issue with the mentioned five operators, feel free to contact us – but keep in mind you have to do it before the event! We’ll make sure we’ll gather all the answers you need, for all your curiosities.

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