GiGse 2017: iGaming to become a front runner in the eSports industry

Let the chips fall and make ready for the largest global iGaming summit to start up the casino season. Have you guessed it yet?

If you consider yourself to have even a passing familiarity with the world of gaming, then these five letters might ring a bell. GiGse has been the straight flush of iGaming trade fairs in the last decade, cementing its reputation as the ever-growing, self-innovative leader of social gaming brands.

It simply sets the path and draws the rules for the big players in town, from operators and suppliers, affiliates and start-ups to investors and software providers. And, for the GiGse 2017 event, the setting is lax and sunny.

San Diego and GiGse 2017: A match made in casino heaven


Some have complained about San Diego lacking weather. However, it's the perennial resort feel and the corporate man conducting his business in a polo shirt and weary sneakers that define the Californian city and make it an ideal setting to the GiGse veterans and newbies alike.

After all, the American West Coast wears the makeup of California tribal casinos by day and Nevada's Technicolor-tinged oasis by night. GiGse 2017 will feel right at home here, in the sound of the rolling dice.

The 3-day summit starts on April 26 at the Marriott Marquis San Diego Marina.

How to play the trump card in President Trump's casinos?


In 2016, the GiGse formula focused on cementing the relation between a tech-savvy Millennial generation and the oldest game in town- gambling. It asked the experts handling the classic slot machines how to get millennials to gamble.

GiGse 2017 will take things even further. In its stake to keep North American i-gaming operators and suppliers connected, the global iGaming summit goes all in.

The chips run the gamut from the latest trends in sports and casino technology, US i-gaming regulation updates, tribal interaction with online gambling, and the White House policies influencing the social gaming sector.

All in all, GiGse 2017 calls some heavy issues to the stand if the operators and suppliers want to learn the new ropes of the present political climate.

GiGse 2017 to hit a homerun- The crusade to push the case for e-sports gaming


But one of the hot topics on the discussion panel will be the eSports phenomenon. ESports had a big year in 2016. It gulped a revenue of $493 million, according to a Newzoo report. Following a torrent of non-endemic and endemic investors rushing to grab a piece of the pie, it's expected that the eSports global revenue will jump to a staggering $1.488 billion by 2020.

The gaming sector cannot miss the chance to capitalize on an industry that's growing in trend among the digital natives of the millennial generation.

To that end, GiGse 2017 will start the summit by exploring the possibilities of tying the knot with the meteoric eSports, its future in augmented reality and its place as an Olympic event at the Tokyo Olympics 2020.

GiGse 2017 is planning on crossing the wild frontiers of iGaming and tribal casino. On its agenda, the 52 key debaters cover the spectrum of the social gaming world. All these major names gathering around the table will have their own visions to spell, bargaining chips for overcoming the hurdles lying ahead, and trump cards to play with a sleek, experienced hand.

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