SIGMA 17 - a must-attend event in iGaming

We’re always on a quest for the best deals. And we’re always pursuing our players’ happiness. When our sole purpose is to deliver you a unique experience, some opportunities mustn’t be ignored.
Albeit you’re used with another kind of content from us (such as casino bonuses recommendations), we thought you’d be thrilled to find out more about how we manage to bring together the best and safest offers for you to enjoy.

So, today we count the days we’ll talk about the Summit Of iGaming which we’ll join in November – and you already realized how excited we are!

What’s SiGMA? Why are we so excited about it?

Maybe these are the first two questions that pop into your mind. And – believe us – we DO have all the answers you’re looking for! Long story short (in case you’ll get bored with the details) SiGMA is the best iGaming conference we’ve attended so far.
Not only that the event brings together all the iGaming stakeholders (starting from operators and affiliates to start-ups and investors or software providers), but it creates the perfect networking environment for them.
Furthermore, based on the precedent editions’ success, the organizers continuously develop the summit’s quality, trying to create an iGaming community whose members work together in order to permanently deliver better experiences for players. To achieve this, the SiGMA’s organizers will grant 1000 free flights to Malta for the affiliates. Yay!
The world’s in a permanent change, and the iGaming industry must keep up with it. In this regard, the Summit Of iGaming is a promoter of innovation. And we LOVE bright ideas and projects which aim to create something better.

Affiliates are the superheroes of the iGaming industry

As we’re just giving you some precious info about the iGaming world, it’s important to us that you understand what affiliates mean to the industry (and furthermore, have a deeper perspective on the issues which make SiGMA a must-attend event).
So, let’s try and explain this in the simplest possible form: do you remember the comic books which you used to read when you were a child? Or the movies which you’re still watching whenever you want to escape reality? They both have something in common: characters who’re trying to make the world they live in a better place. All for the sake of the people. They’re called superheroes, and maybe you still portray them as role-models for our society.
Affiliates are like superheroes. But instead of fighting the outlaws, they fight boredom; they fight the infinite amount of information a player has access to, helping him or her to choose what suits him / her best. They try to create a better experience for you.

Superheroes meet innovation @SiGMA

Now that you understand the importance of affiliates for the iGaming industry, you can see why The Summit Of iGaming is a must-attend event: because it brings together superheroes and innovation and it creates a place where all of us can collaborate and work together in order to create something better. Also, you have to know that are available 1.000 free flights for casino managers, CEOs and other related C-level executives. For more details about this event, you can also click here, because our friends from have a great article about it.

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