Battle of the Sexes:  Who Are the Better Gamblers, Men or Women?

The battle of the sexes is ancient history and we’ve all encountered all kinds of stereotypes along the way when it comes to whether men or women are better at some sort of things.

Gambling is usually viewed as a male-dominated game, but nowadays, the frenetic activity inside a casino is luring more and more women into wagering and placing bets. According to different industry surveys, female gamblers, who naturally cope better with stress, are the biggest “emerging market” for virtual casinos now.

The preponderance of men and women participating in online gambling is not quite balanced, as you would’ve expected, but the gap is getting narrower. The love for mobile slot machines is equally spread, especially when it comes to online slots that require no deposit.

Women are scattering all the myths in gambling: they’ve already proven to be skilled gaming players.

Female gamblers love to play on lotteries and slots machines given that biggest gaming software providers developed online slot games that target only women. Industry’s findings also showed that women are more inclined towards online slot games due to the great number of staggering prizes they can win such as wild multiplier, free spins, fantastic bonuses. Women are also likely to get involved in online gambling for social reasons - the social interactions, the excitement and the fun - as compared to men who tend to bet for financial rewards.

HMS Institute Study Findings

We’ve established that gambling is no longer a man’s world, but are women really the queens of spades? Statistically and historically speaking, men gamble more than women and they have always been the high-risk takers.

Scientists from Harvard Medical School conducted a study to answer the question: which sex is better at gambling? There is a clear distinction between genders.

40,499 subjects in total undertaken the research. Each participant was given the same bankroll to wager on various casino games. When it comes to sports betting, the results showed that women were more aggressive than men, betting higher stakes of money while risking on average ‎15% more than men.

The Harvard gambling report findings have also shown that women earned 15% more money than men. The conclusion is that this type of behavior makes them higher risk takers than male gamblers nevertheless knowing when to hold and when to fold is part of a successful playing experience.

Action gamblers vs escape gamblers

Women prefer to play chance-based online casino games that don’t require them to use their brains so much.

Although women tend to prefer fewer complex games, men gravitate towards strategy-based casino games. However, there are exceptions to every rule - for instance, Marvel-themed slots, which features world’s most popular superheroes and villains, showed an equal interest from both sexes, while Wonder Woman is probably a popular slot game only among women.

According to the gaming industry’s experts, this reality does not necessarily make women better gamblers, but more speculative ones.

Truth is, women are not shy at all at gambling. What men should do is to not underestimate women’s skills in gambling, since women revealed a stronger gambling behavior. They take more advantage of a good intuition and are less exposed to developing a gambling addiction over time.

Future predictions

Men will continue to dominate the gambling industry for years to come. On the other side, female gamblers are expected to keep on playing and prove excellent winning results in the future as well.

Although the industry’s predictions suggest that women will get more and more involved in blackjack, roulette or poker, they will still get the best of luck at slot machines.

Bottom Line

The days when men were considered better than women at everything are long gone. Whether it’s about gambling or any other topic, women are slowly beginning to close the gap and prove to be at least equally good to men.

It’s a somewhat crippled idea to think that biological distinction can have a greater impact over gender-based gambling than the cultural differences among gambling decision-makers.

Whether you’re a man or a woman, the luck will always smile upon you!

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