Pennsylvania House Passes Big Gambling Expansion – Unclear Future

The Pennsylvania House of Representatives has adopted a rushed legislation to expand casino-style gambling to the Internet, bars, airports and plenty of other places as well.

The summer of 2016 marked another attempt to pass this legislation, but unfortunately, it was a failure. Who knows, maybe the year 2017 has more luck.

The vote, 102-89, came Wednesday night on hundreds of pages of legislation made public.

The Pennsylvania House of Representatives may have to borrow money from an outside lender to the tune of 3 billion dollars.

Now, it is uncertain what the Senate will do with the House version of the bill, but the Senate is off until Monday. We will keep you up to date with the news.

All the states are free to choose which types of gambling, or if any type of gambling should be allowed. We all dream living in a world where everyone is free to decide what is good or not for them. There are states that are very permissive with organized gambling and there are other states that restrict it to bingo and school raffles.

“The next likely step is a conference committee, where the two legislative bodies can try to hash out their differences. That would involve members of both chambers meeting to hammer out the final content of the bill.

It seems unlikely that the Senate will approve of VGTs, which have been a “poison pill” in the past. The two chambers also need to find middle ground on the online gambling tax rate. Online gambling took a step forward on Wednesday, but it is still in a precarious position because of everything else that appears in the omnibus gaming bill” according to

Online Gambling in Pennsylvania

Let’s talk a little about online gambling in this state. In Pennsylvania, gambling laws have changed over the past years. Online gambling, for example, is not legalized but the residents of Pennsylvania state that gamble online are not likely to be brought in court because the state is very permissive about their online gambling laws.

This is a tricky situation inasmuch as online casino platforms are legal in this state in which people can wager on a multitude of casino games but they are not legal to operate.

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