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Join Games

The making of

Join Games software provider is another new shining star of casino industry nowadays. It was founded no earlier than the year 2014, by two professionals of e-gaming that decided to unite their powers in a beautiful project. The name of the company reflects this idea – the joining of two brilliant minds as one. Both of the managers at Join Game software supplier have a rich background in online gambling games and also have the same futuristic vision that enables them to create their marvelous slot machines. This a Maltese company that aims to produce a full suite of online casino games, made entirely in an in-house and B2B kind of system. The advantage of being this young is that their products are all cutting-edge technology, providing best graphics and sound systems, being more captivating and exquisite, compared to older providers. This is not always the case – old equals lame – and we could actually say that Join Games is comparable to the famous and well-known Wazdan software provider.

A dash of color

Their logo is purple and orange, two colors that you would not normally put together. The thing is, it works wonders. Psychologically speaking, these colors have a meaning and they do influence your state of mind when you look at them.
  1. Violet – is a spiritual color, representing vision, truth and most of all quality. It was and still is used as a royal color because it sends out messages of high-quality and finesse.
  2. Orange – is a substitute for the idea of warmth and security, a shelter against all that's bad, but it also means abundance and riches. It is a fun, full of life color that brings the comfort of mind.
As you can see, these are the most perfect two colors that one could pick when they deal with an industry of gambling machines and casino games.

What do we have here

Join Games software provider offers free online slot machines that are available on desktop and mobile platforms, depending on what you like best. Besides slots, they do not offer other casino games like Table Games and Video Poker but we hope that they will, in the near future. Next, we will describe each category, so you can have an idea of what to expect when it comes to Join Games casino provider.


Welcome to a unique category, that we have never met in other software providers' portfolio. It contains only two games but it is quite enough so far. The trick is that the main character, the pirate, and princess Cleopatra, are alive. Wait, what? Yes, they are real actors filmed and attached to the games, and this makes everything seem so real. You will see them walking around, looking at you, making all kinds of moves. Join Games is definitely a company of the future! We can't wait to see what other slot machines they'll make next. The Legend of Emerald – amazing graphics, looking like you and your ship will take off pretty soon. It is not as big and beautiful as the Titanic but will tell a story The free online slot machine has 10 paylines and bonus symbols that assure you a big win at the end of the game. Kleopatra – welcome to Egypt, and the mystery it holds within! This a great casino slot, with 10 win lines, 5 reels and many possibilities of gain. Do not miss it, as it is free of charge and available for mobile play as well.

Premium Slots

Join Games software provider is delighting you with eight free online slot machines in the premium section, design especially for the little VIP inside each one of us. They are all 3D, action slots with elements on the move and big surprises waiting. You will get between 10 and 20 paylines and five reels just to make things more interesting. Let's discover more of what you will find here and by that, you might even have in mind the next game that you're going to play.
  • Zombie Escape – don't be taken by surprise while you concentrate on killing all the zombies and saving the planet from their attacks.
  • Cyber Ninja – wow, what a game of good graphics! Spectacular, and very engaging, we like it!
  • Dojo – you won't see it from the name but this is a slot machine that takes you to Asia. No need to say how good is the design or sound, as we have settled this already.
  • Sakura – so delicate and inspiring! Everything about this slot machine is just ideal. There is the sound of water purling and Japanese instruments that make you instantaneously relax. Really, if you close your eyes, you could swear that this a massage session and not an online casino game.
  • Naga King – full of strength as the name itself says it. We are still in the Asia-inspired slot machine themes, but this is something else, more vibrating and colorful.
  • Venice Carnaval – well, time to travel the world, and go to Venice. It's the Carnaval, with the music on, and the people coming, the only one missing is you. Come on and press the Spin!
  • Ice 7 Bar – there is no slot like a classic slot, is it? They had to make it and they did a great job. It shows the atmosphere of a dance club, everybody is having fun while drinks are spinning like crazy!
  • Monster House – the last but not the least, this is a funny slot machine, far from being scary. It has all the elements of a perfect game though and will keep you amused until the end.

Simple Slots

Only 6 free online slot machines in this category, but don't let it mislead you as this is no classic deal. Oh, no, these games are as good as they can get and Join Games provider applied the same high-quality standards. Themes like Vampires and Aztec Temple will brighten your day and hopefully, your wallet.

Let's wrap it up!

How do you like Join Games provider so far? We felt in love with it and we are waiting to see what they come up with next. If you stay in touch with us, through our platform, you will find out too. We hope your curiosity is stimulated and your hands are going to press “Spin” soon. Enjoy and come back for more!

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