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The Art of Games

The Art of Games is a young and dynamic company that specializes in the development of innovative software for the entertainment industry, particularly for the online gaming community.

For over 10 years, the company has supplied customers with powerful and reliable products to create the most realistic gameplay and a fun gaming experience. Their broad portfolio ensures that every player finds something they like and makes them come back for more.

Besides the games, the software provider offers options for customization and branding on the Internet to make sure your platform is unique and one of a kind.

Last but not least, all games are server based, meaning that all the action can be monitored live in their state of the art office which offers powerful tools for monitoring and supporting your platforms, games and naturally the players.


The team behind The Art of Games appreciate the rich history of slots and is pretty eager to perpetuate it by creating new games very often. The company offers both 3 and 5 reel slots on simple yet realistic design that make you believe you are actually sitting on the casino floor, all being optimized for mobile devices as well.

Their broad portfolio of video slots vary from the easier fantasy slots to the more complex photo and deluxe slots which feature skill based bonus games.

With one of the biggest table game portfolio in the online gaming industry, their wide range of table games vary from the well known table games Blackjack and Roulette to the very exotic and less known table games such as Fan Tan and Stravaganza just to mention a few of them.

Video poker is still widely played worldwide. Therefore, The Art of Gaming offers a broad range of video poker games that is attracting both beginners and professionals. These games created by The Art of Gaming capture the best of the old school video poker games in Las Vegas and the modern graphics of the games played nowadays.

A very popular section in their portfolio are the scratch cards. They offer plain scratch cards that feel like the ones you can buy in a shop around the corner, but also cards that seem alive due to lush graphics and animations.

Other games include bingo, keno and arcade style games.

The Art of Games products

Beside the over 100 games, the company also offers innovative products. Since 2011 they have already offered a new range of video slots with truly skill based bonus games.

One of the main advantages of The Art of Games is the fact that their games can be branded and customized in any way you want. They offer eight different tables: from the conservative look to the glamorous style, they have it all for their customers. Even more, all the tables can be fitted with the client's favorite color, chip sets, card decks and user interface.

They also offer the tools to monitor and track the games and the players. From instant live financial reports to extensive player analysis tools, all the necessary data is logged and stored on their servers for customers to get a real-time, up to date analysis.


To date, The Art of Games has released over 100 games, from the simple to complex. Slots feature is prominently; the company's developers have devised some nifty games that look great and are packed with some awesome features. So you should definitely give a go to their games.


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