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WinADay isn’t one of the most well-known software providers in the gambling industry at the moment, but we hope this will change soon enough. This company has a unique take on online casino games and they manage to come up with something new and interesting every time. While it’s pretty hard to come across their online slot machines because when you want to play for real money you can only find them on their own website, every single one of them can be played for free right here! Continue reading the following review to find out why you should try playing these video slots!
  1. WinADay History
  2. WinADay trademarks
  3. Best WinADay online slot games
  4. Why play casino games by this Software Provider

WinADay Software Provider History

Since there are so many software providers creating outstanding content at the moment, it’s really hard to reach the top and stay there. A lot of software providers get overlooked because players tend to focus on the biggest ones and not try other video slots by smaller providers. Still, WinADay has great online casino games to offer and they back them up with a lot of services and support. This company was formed in 2007 and since then it has developed and grown immensely. Their portfolio of online casino games now features video slots, poker, roulette, and keno, basically something for any type of gambler. Even if not many people have heard of them and play their video slots they maintain their standards and keep producing amazing online slot machines in hope that they will gain popularity in time. WinADay software provider is actually part of Scotland Entertainment SA, a company that has been part of the iGaming industry from 1998 and they have a long tradition of creating online casino games. Every online slot machine that they create is unique and unlike the run of the mill video slots that we keep seeing these days, which really sets them apart. They try their best to cater to the players’ needs and make sure that everyone has exactly what they need to have the best time while also winning a lot of money. The headquarters of WinADay software provider is in an archipelago of the Indian Ocean that is called the Union of Comoros. WinADay and Scotland Entertainment are both registered and licensed by the Anjouan Government.

WinADay trademarks

Once you check them out, you will realize that the online slot machine that they produce have great quality. The online slot machines feature great soundtracks and amazing gameplay that provides hours of fun. If graphics, sound effects, and gameplay are not your biggest interest when choosing what video slots to play, then you should also know that the payouts they offer are extraordinary. In fact, the payouts of WinADay video slots are bigger than those offered by most software providers. What is more, the online casino games are also compatible on most platforms so that you can play them on any device and take them with you anywhere you go. While most software providers tend to focus on quantity over quality in slot games and keep pushing online casino games fast to make more money, WinADay software provider takes a completely different approach to the gambling industry. They prefer to offer a lot less online slot machines, but they focus on each and every one of these slot games and try their best to make it great. Quality and originality are very important for them and they struggle to never deliver something subpar. Even though they do not have as many video slots as we would like they have managed to have one of every great theme so that any player can find something he/she enjoys. They might not launch a new online casino game every couple of weeks, but when they launch a slot game it will surely be worth at least a couple of spins. Since they work on Windows, iOS or Android for tablets and smartphones, as well as on laptops or PCs there is really no reason for you not to try them at least once. They also require no download so you will not need any additional software. You can play these slot games directly from your browser, wherever you are, as long as you have an internet connection, which makes their video slots even more appealing. WinADay slot games have all the great features we got used to expect from great online casino games like wilds, scatters, special bonus games, free spins, as well as incredible jackpots. While regular jackpots are quite amazing, it’s the progressive jackpots that you can find on some of the online slot machines by WinADay software provider. These might not be as large as those from better-known producers, but we’re still talking about a hell of a lot of money that you can win playing slot games.

Best WinADay online slot games

With five reels, three rows and 25 pay lines; Pyramid Plunder is an Egypt-themed online slot machine that will surely spark your interest. There are two possible bonus games you can trigger as well as a progressive jackpot if interesting graphics and animations aren’t enough for you in a slot game. Heavenly Reels is part of a category of video slots that you will either love or you will hate, there is no in between here. The graphics are quite intriguing, although some might see them as rather kitsch. The payouts are formed in an innovative way and this applies for the bonus feature as well. Here too, in this slot game, you will find a progressive jackpot that compliments the heaven theme. Wheeler Dealer is another quirky theme online casino game that had us spinning for a long time. Here a clerk will help you trick a banker into paying you a whole lot of money. What more can you want from a slot game?

Why play casino games by WinADay Software Provider

All in all, WinADay software provider has a lot to offer and if you choose to try online slot machine made by them you surely won’t regret it. With special graphics and sound effects, great bonus games and amazing prizes there’s just no reason for you not to give it a spin. You won’t regret it!

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