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For more than 70 years, WMS has been a leading innovator of electronic game entertainment combining advanced, groundbreaking technologies with engaging game content and product executions that transform the player's entertainment experience and elevate the casino operator's return on investment.

The company's core values (Innovation, Passion, Integrity, Quality and Respect) have created a Culture of Innovation which leads to the development of unique products that deliver a dynamic entertainment experience for players.

Through their player driven focus, WMS team produces new and differentiated gaming platforms that consistently set new standards in the industry.

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WMS Gaming has started creating even more online casino games to keep up with the development of the Internet. This meant they had to come up with solutions regarding what themes to focus on their video slots, how to create better graphics and insert amazing bonus games in the regular game play of a video slot. This is how they came up with amazing movie themed online slot machines that took the world of gambling by storm, with names such as Men in Black, Star Trek or Lord of the Rings.

WMS always tried their hardest to remain on top and bring something new to every online slot machine they produced. They made detailed and impressive graphics with animations and visual effects off the charts and also a mind-blowing soundtrack to round things up and take their video slot games to the next level. WMS Gaming will also focus a lot on graphics and sound effects and make sure that every title you choose from their portfolio reflects what they are capable of so that you will stick with them and continue spinning the reels for real money.

In the entire portfolio of WMS Gaming, it would be hard to find a couple of traditional online slot machines that have gems or fruits. They like to take everything, graphically speaking, to the next level and to use eye-catching colors and symbols. Even the themes they use have some sort of twist on them. The fairy tale theme, for example, was changed by them to make it a lot more appropriate for an online casino game. In Lil' Red Riches they took the story of Little Red Riding Hood and gave it a more modern take with characters that seem to fit right in into an online slot machine. A great thing about this online slot, as well as all the other online slot machines they create, is that they all work flawlessly directly from your browser.

WMS Mobile

In 2012 WMS Gaming started to focus on the development of online slot machines for mobile devices as well. Now they have a lot of online casino games that work perfectly with tablets and smartphones that use iOS or Android. In fact, they look just the same as they would if you were to open the online casino games in a browser from your laptop or PC. While most software providers of online slot machines stick to the online and to the mobile mediums at most, WMS expanded further. This is why in 2012 they teamed up with LAG and started creating online slot machines that will work on Facebook as well. 

Ending words

WMS is one of the largest developers of casino games which is also available in the online gaming market, as well. WMS is still developing, but the players can enjoy a wide selection of games, some of the most popular titles being The Wizard of Oz or Zeus.

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